Sunday, January 6, 2013

David Wagner - 2013 Prophetic Insights

(We copied and pasted this from our friend David Wagners page concerning 2013; You can check out his website at  

Happy New Year to all of our friends and family around the world! Over the next 5 days I will be posting some of the prophetic insights the Lord has been giving me concerning 2013. Here is the first little bit... Blessings! David

I hear the Holy Spirit saying:

“I AM awakening an army of end time worshippers and warriors who will usher in a Kingdom culture and mindset. The stage has been set as I have released the anticipation of heaven into the atmosphere of the earth and My church for the New Year ahead. Ambassadors of hope are being called to the forefront to advance My Kingdom.”

“Brace yourselves for the greatest days the earth and the church have ever seen. This is the season to hear bounce back and breakthrough to go beyond where you have ever been before. Be bold as I AM ready and able to bring to you all that I have promised.”

“This is the year that I desire My people to stay in a place of continual contact with My presence. Call on Me and I will answer you. Do all that I command you to do and you will see Me complete all that I have committed to do on your behalf. My Church is about to release the winds of change. You have been called to serve as conduit of continual love and power in the earth. I AM calling forth the courageous to come forth and cross over into unchartered territory. 2013 is a year where Kingdom Convictions must overrule personal comforts. Children have been chosen to release and lead an unprecedented revival and reformation in the year ahead.”

“Dreams that seemed like they have died are about to come back to life. This is going to be a year filled with defining moments. You are about to defy the odds and defeat the enemy like never before. I AM releasing a supernatural defense system that will destroy demonic dysfunction. Deny yourselves, delight in Me and I will give you the desires of your hearts. This is the year of deliverance and delivery. I AM setting people free and I AM delivering the title deeds to all of My promises.”

“Enter into 2013 with expectation. I AM expanding your territory as I eradicate the enemy from your midst.”

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